CULTURAL SOCIETY x SYMVOLI: it is a blessing when you become part of what you admire!

SYMVOLI celebrates its 4-year partnership with the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece: a collaboration that officially started in 2019, yet an admiration that goes back to the time when Cultural Society was initially established.

The Cultural Society was founded in 1995, and aims to be a platform for dialogue, ideas, and actions to highlight Thessaloniki’s identity, promote contemporary culture, and quality in the city’s everyday life. In 2019, on the turning point of its 25th year of uninterrupted presence and contribution to the cultural sector of Thessaloniki, SYMVOLI undertook the organizational management of the organization, and our Managing Director, Vicky Papadimitriou, was appointed General Director of the Cultural Society. Sharing the same values and perspectives on the dynamics of culture in a city’s identity, SYMVOLI has initiated and contributed to a series of projects and events that were organized in the past years, drawing even new paths in the activity of Cultural Society.



The MATAROA project, the publication of THESSALONIKeON PoLIS as well as individual initiatives have put a mark on Thessaloniki’s cultural sphere, paving the way for new angles in placing at the forefront cultural heritage and artistic creation. With an eye to the future, the Cultural Society alongside SYMVOLI aim to act as promoting agents of history, but also contemporary culture, innovation, and creativity and are committed to taking upon new challenges, successful synergies, and meaningful projects.