Agora Modiano, one of Thessaloniki’s most emblematic landmarks, opened its gates during Christmas of 2022 to welcome the citizens of Thessaloniki and the travelers of the city in a most anticipated project that revived part of the city’s history.

In this new era for the Agora, SYMVOLI oversaw the concept, design, and implementation of two photo exhibitions in Agora Modiano. The one was a photo timeline of its construction process, the making of Agora Modiano’s new era.

The other, under the title “The Great Cuisine of Asia Minor”, was an initiative of the Gastronomos magazine by Kathimerini newspaper. It followed recipes, family testimonies, and photos of Greek refugees from Asia Minor. So, we set the table in Agora and invited everyone to come and “dine” with us through photos of traditional food from other times and other places, but always deeply connected with our roots and sense of belonging.

The spaces of Agora Modiano in combination with its long and interesting history are where we draw inspiration for our next exhibitions there. Always by finding innovative ways to plan and execute art, photography, and other exhibitions. Keeping that in mind, you know that a walk to agora will not only fill your stomach with delicious goodies but also your mind’s eye with vivid images and your heart with nostalgia.

*Photos by Olga Deikou