SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management is a company that specializes in designing and organizing scientific conferences and corporate events, cultural events and projects from the initial stages of conception to the final stages of implementation and production.

We pride ourselves on our consistency in delivering services of the highest quality to our partners, as well as on our creative approach and out-of-the-box thinking on project and event management.

Within 30 years of professional operation, we produced 504 projects, in 46 cities in Greece and abroad, we connected more than 252.375 participants with their project of interest, and we established and nurtured 1030 collaborations and partnerships with national scientific and academic institutions, international organizations, public authorities and private stakeholders, as well as different suppliers and associates.


Basic information


Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) license number

Μ.Η.Τ.Ε. 09.33.Ε.60.00.00790.00

G.E.MI. 58152504000


We celebrate 30 years

  • 1994
    SYMVOLI was founded in 1994 to meet the needs of the scientific community of Thessaloniki for professional support in seminar and conference organizing.
  • 2005
    In 2005, after 11 years of operation, we moved to new facilities where we expanded our activity to event planning and its geographical range to a national level, including Athens.
  • 2007
    In 2007, we strategically developed a new activity path, and broadened our business to Cultural Management and Cultural Events’ planning and organizing.
  • 2011
    In 2011, SYMVOLI designs and introduces to Thessaloniki’s tourism sector, a program of thematic walks & tours in the city and the surrounding geographic region, titled ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’.
  • 2019
    In 2019, SYMVOLI dynamically expands its activity in the sector of Cultural Management, undertaking the management of Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs, Theophano Foundation, and extending its collaboration with other cultural institutions in Thessaloniki.


Today, having concluded a more than a quarter century (30 years) of professional activity, SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management has organised more than 500 international and national projects, and is established as a leading Conference Management professional in Thessaloniki.

Through the company’s professional experience and its team members creative approach and expertise, SYMVOLI continuously broadens its activity in Cultural Management and Cultural Events’ Organising, developing important collaborations with cultural institutions (Thessaloniki International Film Festival, MOMus – The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Biennale, PhotoBiennale, Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece), in the fields of marketing and communication, fundraising, designing and implementation of cultural projects and events.

Our goal is to preserve and further develop our business activity both in conference and cultural management, driven by professionalismconsistency in our collaborations, creativity and innovation in our fields of activity.

Greece, and Thessaloniki in particular, fulfills the necessary requirements to be an important conference destination and to be established as a reference point in conference tourism and cultural activity for the broader region of Southeastern Europe and Mediterranean.