SYMVOLI has its roots, and so does Katie Papadimitriou, its founder! A journey from the Americas to the entrepreneurial world of Thessaloniki

SYMVOLI | Conference and Cultural Management has its own roots: Katie and Evelyn, two dynamic and visionary women founded back in 1994 a company the meant to become one of the city’s leading professional conference and event organizers.

Katie’s personal roots are linked to Greece’s immigration history: being born and raised in Astoria, New York, her family migration is a personal journey “crossing the Atlantic” indicative of immigration in America during the 20th century.

We are happy to share that Katie’s story became part of ‘Istorima’, and to hear her describe incidents, experiences and memories from her life, as a child of Greek immigrants that followed the American Dream.

Read about her story here: fbclid=IwAR2qFX1FcrGSD0HODL1e_nQoYMc61ug3Qh2iQuc1DzjPYaa8b1sl07BoAqo


About Istorima

Istorima is a non-profit organization established to create a large Greek oral histories archive. The aim is to hear, record and gather over 50,000 stories during the next four years, from every city and village in Greece. This initiative was conceived by journalist Sofia Papaioannou and historian Katherine Fleming.