Communication Management

Angelika is a graduate of Journalism & Mass Media Communication and she is currently doing her Master in Digital Media, Communication and Culture in the same department. Her first experience working with SYMVOLI was in 2017 when she completed her studies’ trainee-ship. Enthusiastic about event management, and proven to be a mature -although young in age- collaborator, she became a steady team member in early 2019.

In times of stress and pressure she is confronting every situation with humor, and methodical solutions at the same time. Angelika adopts a holistic perception of projects, and a working approach of endless possibilities for being creative.

As a cheerful personality she is collaborating excellently with her colleagues and external partners. She is “team” material, functioning better when working is with people from different specialties.

When she returns home, she often enjoys a good movie and a cold glass of beer. Angelika is always planning her next trip, and even if not realized she enjoys the procedure. Occasionally, she spends her nights crafting small texts about themes that caught her attention.

‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’
Pablo Picasso