Operations Management

Annie is the newest member of SYMVOLI’s family. Before that, she was Operations Manager in Nespresso, and one of the people who contributed in the development of the brand in Thessaloniki.

She has studied Political Sciences in Aristotle University and completed her master’s in Human Geography in Amsterdam. As a person who likes new challenges and personal evolution, she decided in early 2019 that it was time to make a turn in her professional life. Her unique qualities seemed to keep pace with SYMVOLI’s philosophy, so the matching was instant.

Annie’s quick perception of a whole new professional field or new tasks appointed to her, along with her organizational skills, are making her a precious gear in the company’s engine. Her enthusiasm and innovative approach to problem solving are her secrets of carrying out demanding assignments. Because of her smiling personality, she is rather a lovable person among her colleagues and external collaborators.

When Annie is not flooded with paperwork, she likes knitting as it calms her down or discovering the jewels of cinema. She prefers anything that it’s “not boring” and the idea of a road trip adventure seems always appealing to her.

‘The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity.
The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.’ 

Winston Churchill