Senior Events Project Manager

Elena is a graduate of Journalism & Mass Media Communication, and she has her master’s degree in Tourism and Culture from the Radboud University. Elena entered SYMVOLI’s door in 2016 as an intern. The attraction was mutual, so she became an official member of SYMVOLI’s team in 2018. After a short break to finish her master’s degree, she came back with us in October 2022.

Elena is a well-organized person that stays focused and is determined to finish in time every task that comes around. She is very self-disciplined and at the same time incredibly funny and pleasant to work with. She has a team spirit, and she is always there to help. Moreover, Elena has a calm personality and stays cool in the most stressful situations. She has an ingenious approach to solving any issues and she is resourceful in finding and proposing new ideas.

What characterizes Elena is the diversity of her hobbies. Besides, inspiration derives from the different experiences someone acquires. So, you can find her singing, bicycling, or camping, and she is always in for new adventures.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
George Eliot