Executive Project Manager

Maria is part of SYMVOLI’s family for more than 13 years, being often the company’s Thesaurus and conferences’ Wikipedia at the same time.

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and two masters in Developmental Psychology and Art Therapy, she could easily succeed an academic career, but has chosen to apply her academic background on event management! As a calm strength, she impresses you with her strong personality and her methodical approach to things. The clarity with which she encounters every challenge is her signature that everything will go according to plan.

Maria is eager of acquiring new skills and she is constantly evolving. Standing at the same spot is what she hates the most. This characteristic in combination with years of experience contributed in developing advanced multitasking abilities.

As a cool personality herself, she enjoys getting in touch with nature. With every given opportunity she is off for an excursion. During summer she is discovering northern Greece with her tent, while all year long she is rocking motherhood with her two sons.

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’
Walt Disney