Sofia Taskou - SYMVOLI

Operations Manager

Sofia is the gem in the room that takes care of all logistics and provides the day-to-day ground for a team to work efficiently.

Having worked for almost 20 years in customer service and business organization, Sofia has extensive experience in managing operations of complex units. One notes her juggling skills when it comes to handling tasks, calls, emails, calendars, and her proactive perception of what a team needs to function. And this valuable support is exactly what SYMVOLI was missing until Sofia crossed the threshold!

Sofia is a caring person both in her work and social life: a hospitable hostess for friends, a permanent caregiver for pets, and a person to lean on. Calm force in temper, kind and gentle in manner, she sets the basis for a tranquil operation of whatever she is involved in.

A frequent traveler, an art lover, an excellent cook, and an active community member, Sofia is a sponge who observes the world around her and shares back with the world!


“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”
Maya Angelou