By the way, I suspect that many people attending consider this to be the best conference of their life. I have been to many large conferences in my lifetime and not a one comes close to equalling this one.
Erik Craig
Licensed Existential Psychologist & Psychotherapist
Rollo May Heritage Award | APA Soceity for Humanistic Psychology
Keynote Speaker | 3rd World Congress Of Existential Therapy 2023

As a result of our long partnership, I regard the team of SYMVOLI as my partners, people on whom I can rely for the efficacious planning of successful and qualitative congresses and events on a local, national or international level.
Eugenie Georgaca
Associate Professor | Department of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Co-chair | 1st Conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP) 2020
Chair | 5th & 6th Qualitative Research on Mental Health Conference (QRMH) 2014 & 2016

A few words for the people of SYMVOLI: effective, cooperative, far-seeing, diligent, cool-headed, at ease even in the most difficult situations, cheerful, polite, imaginative, creative, humane (but I’m pretty sure I’m missing something!)
Phaedon Kaloterakis
Chairman of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities
Vice-Chairman of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities
Assistant Manager of KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals)
Member, Organizing Committee | 17th European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC) Conference 2019

Symvoli, συμβολή, in English it means contribution, in Italian the capacity to raise to a more organized and complete mode what one needs to do. In the case of SYMVOLI it is the organization that helps make objectives happen and is there to enhance the identity of a project.
Umberta Telfener
Coordinator | Il Centro di Terapia della Famiglia di Milano (CMTF)
Chair of the Scientific Committee | 10th Conference of the European Association of Family Therapy 2019

Based on my experience, when SYMVOLI undertakes an event -even large and complicated international conferences- they are dedicated to the management of the event in a way that the organizer feels secure being supported by, not only exceptional professionals, but also people with which he can communicate quickly and efficiently, in a very friendly and warm atmosphere.
Kyriazis Pitilakis
Emeritus Professor | Department of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
President | European Association of Earthquake Engineering
Chair | 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16ECEE) 2018

The impeccable professionalism and consistency of all members of SYMVOLI team, are values difficult to find in our times, and should be recognized and acknowledged on every occasion.
Zoe Polizopoulou
Professor | School of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
President | European College Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ECVCP)
Chair | 20th Annual ESVCP/ECVCP congress 2018

Having worked with SYMVOLI for many years, I am convinced of the professionalism, efficacy, creativity and excellent aesthetics of its team. Moreover, the warm personal relationship of trust that has been forged as a result of our collaboration is especially important to me.
Evrinomi Avdi
Associate Professor | Department of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Member of the Organizing Committee | 16th Panhellenic Conference in Psychological Research 2017
Chair | 5th & 6th Qualitative Research on Mental Health Conference (QRMH) 2014 & 2016

Prompt, flawless collaboration. Friendly atmosphere, mutual respect and helpfulness in all areas: organization, finances, entertainment.
Malikiosi Maria
Professor | Department of Early Childhood Education, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
Chair of the Organizing Committee | 6th Panhellenic Conference of Counselling Psychology 2016

SYMVOLI – the beautiful ideas, the sublime aesthetics, the marvelous result. But more than that, the people!
Eleftheria Gonida
Professor | Department of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Member of the Executive Committee | The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)
Chair of the Organizing Committee | International Conference on Motivation 2016

I collaborated with SYMVOLI many times in the context of panhellenic congresses for the Division of Counselling Psychology of the Hellenic Psychological Society. The politeness, the splendid aesthetics and the novel ideas of SYMVOLI’s team have always made a positive impression on me!
Christina Athanasiades
Associate Professor | Department of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Chair of the Organizing Committee | 4th Panhellenic Conference of Counselling Psychology 2012

The collaboration with SYMVOLI was marked by
Utmost professionalism
Versatility in problem solving
Creativity and imagination
Ioulia Drossinou
Ministry of Rural Development and Food | Chair of the Organizing Committee
of the 73rd Plenary Session of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)

I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with SYMVOLI while organizing the 12th European Congress on Sport Psychology (FEPSAC 2007, Halkidiki, Greece). The Congress has left the indelible memory of excellence on all sport psychologists visiting from around the world.
Its success was primarily due to SYMVOLI and its team. I have since been recommending SYMVOLI unreservedly to all friends who care to organize high quality congresses and events.
Yannis Theodorakis
Professor | University of Thessaly
Chair | 12th European Congress of Sport Psychology 2007

Your conference service provider, SYMVOLI, is the top of the top: incredibly efficient and reliable. My sincere congratulations to them. Since I organised, as you perfectly know, a conference of about the same size 12 years ago, I think I know what I am speaking about. My service provider at the time was not so bad, but by far not so perfect like SYMVOLI.

Thank you very much for the great organization of this meeting. It was the third time I took part and each time it was flawless.

I would like to take the chance to say THANK YOU for a great congress that not only took place in the amazing scenery of Athens but was at the same time exceptionally well organized. Your professional and kind support in all matters was a great experience and much appreciated!

One of the most notable and stable collaborations over time has been that between the Mediterranean Palace and SYMVOLI. Thanks to the reliability, professionalism, experience and knowledge, promptness, versatility, creativity and integrity as well as inherent gracefulness of its team, SYMVOLI features as one of the best-rounded companies in conference services. We are proud to be your partners and we are happy to celebrate your 25 years of competent contribution to our city.
Yannis Aslanis
President | Thessaloniki Convention Bureau
Director | The Luxury Hotels – Mediterranean Palace

Our collaboration with SYMVOLI has been ideal.
Professional yet not distant, showing excellent team spirit and understanding the needs of the parties involved, always in the interests of the customer. The company contributes significantly to the conference tourism of this city.
Karl Chehab
General Manager | The Met Hotel

SYMVOLI stands out for the original approach to meetings organization and the out of the box thinking and implementation of most demanding projects. They come up with inspired and inspiring event concepts and customized solutions to meet our shared customers’ needs. And most importantly, they run their operation with the widest smile.
Konstantina Mamada
Managing Director | Porto Palace Thessaloniki

SYMVOLI has turned 25!
And it’s got all the experience, vitality, energy, ideas, solutions, imagination one might expect!
But it’s got even more – things we are happy to discover every time we work together!
Makis Monastiridis
Marketing Director | Thessaloniki Concert Hall

What better feeling than seeing your partners grow?
SYMVOLI, you grow and we grow with you. We follow you as you evolve and we feel proud watching you excel in quality and originality.
Vasilis Samiotakis
Owner | Samiotakis Catering

Working with SYMVOLI is a unique experience – has always been! We are happy to collaborate with people who are confident in their work and real professionals. With an eye for detail, their projects are always original and innovative, and implementing them is always a challenge for us!
George Voutiras
Director | Stampa Hellas