In 2002 we were challenged to design a programme of thematic walks, giving to conference participants the opportunity to walk through and be guided at the most important sites of Thessaloniki. Since then, SYMVOLI has brought forward in 2011 an interesting, exciting and thematically designed project, the ‘Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours’, that offers to all city visitors the chance to be told the city’s many stories.


We like challenges and we like creating memorable events! Therefore we love undertaking the organization of special events in challenging and unique venues, such as cultural heritage monuments, cultural organization/museum, seaside location, panoramic view location, warehouse venues.


From a conference bag, to an event souvenir, from a pin to a costumed designed gift, we love to be creative about what we give out to our events’ participants! Design, materials, content reference to host destination, can all become a canvas for innovative ideas. A process we love, an outcome we give away to create memories!