Welcoming the 15th World Congress of Semiotics @ Thessaloniki

Is it final! The 15th World Congress on Semiotics of the International Association for Semiotics Studies / Association Internationale de Sémiotique (IASS/AIS) will take place in Thessaloniki in 2022 and will be organized by SYMVOLI on behalf of the Hellenic Semiotics Society (HSS).

We are more than happy for Thessaloniki to be the hosting city of this significant scientific event. Having designed a complete bidding proposal that was presented by the Hellenic Semiotic Society, the IASS/AIS trusted HSS with the organization. Destination competition was not easy: Marrakech, Moscow and Guangzhou in China also submitted their bidding proposals for the semiotics’ world congress. Pointing out the strong assets of having a conference like this in Thessaloniki and thoroughly presenting the targeted approach of planning, it seemed to be the winning duo for the assignment.

SYMVOLI is happy to undertake the challenge of carrying out a flawless organization, a memorable Mediterranean conference experience for the active global semiotic society. The previous world congress took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September of this year. It was a successful project, with up to 900 participants and more that 400 presentations. The conferences of IASS/AIS are occurring every two or three years in various places around the world. Indicatively, previous events conducted in Lithuania, Bulgaria, China, Spain, Mexico and the list goes on.

The unique element of these conferences is the diversity of the scientific sectors they attract, as semiology can be used as an approach of understanding various aspects of everyday life. Semiotics is the study of signs and sign-using behavior. It is examining three main types of signs, icons, index and symbols. Literature, history, arts, architecture, biological sciences and many more can use semiotics in order to examine the links establishing between the various symbols, signs and icons with their meaning.

It is sure that is going to be a very interesting event, where you might also find some of us as part of the audience!