General Manager

Anna Th. Milossi is SYMVOLI’s executive call and transfer to the company’s workforce from the cultural and events management sector.

Anna has been part of the Thessaloniki Film Festival’s team for 22 years: having a leading position in the Events Management Department for more than 14 years, she was appointed Head of Public Relations and Sponsorships in 2013, while also overseeing the planning, coordination, and production of the main events of the cultural organization.

She is a calm power, who lets her work make all the noise. A warm personality, very energetic and -as some would say- party starter, Anna is a music and concert enthusiast, who also inhales books and movies with a greatest eagerness than she has for oxygen! She enjoys cooking for friends and fine-tuning evenings with music and handmade delicacies at her home.

“But it is not always the people who say most who do most.”
Agatha Christie