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Being acknowledged professionals in our fields of activity for a quarter-century,

we aim to design and provide high level services in conference and cultural management
defined by professionalism, consistency, creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. 


Being the foundation of our activity, we have carried out fine-tuned events on behalf of national and international scientific, academic, and public organizations. The end of this quarter-century, signifies our presence in conference destinations abroad: Berlin, Naples, Malta, Bucharest.


Bringing together knowledge and experience from festivals, museums, art-events, we design and implement services to support cultural institutions and projects in their management, marketing, event planning and organization.


Scientific and cultural entities entrust us their overall management, from strategic planning to communication, from project management to operations monitoring. Building strong collaborations, we deliver measurable outcomes.

They say about us
Your conference service provider, SYMVOLI, is the top of the top: incredibly efficient and reliable. My sincere congratulations to them. Since I organised, as you perfectly know, a conference of about the same size 12 years ago, I think I know what I am speaking about. My service provider at the time was not so bad, but by far not so perfect like SYMVOLI.
DR. MARTIN G. KOLLER | Message Addressed to Organizers of 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16ECEE) 2018
Based on my experience, when SYMVOLI undertakes an event -even large and complicated international conferences- they are dedicated to the management of the event in a way that the organizer feels secure being supported by, not only exceptional professionals, but also people with which he can communicate quickly and efficiently, in a very friendly and warm atmosphere.
Kyriazis Pitilakis | Chair, 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16ECEE) 2018
A few words for the people of SYMVOLI: effective, cooperative, far-seeing, diligent, cool-headed, at ease even in the most difficult situations, cheerful, polite, imaginative, creative, humane (but I’m pretty sure I’m missing something!)
PHAEDON KALOTERAKIS | Organizing Committee, 17th European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC) Conference 2019
SYMVOLI – the beautiful ideas, the sublime aesthetics, the marvelous result. But more than that, the people!
ELEFTHERIA GONIDA | Chair, International Conference on Motivation 2016

Our work is based on


Strong work ethic and trust between partners equals a well-made and resilient bond. The key consists of a triptych: bringing the relevant expertise into our guidance and resources, while balancing/maintaining partner equality and, of course, fun. After all, it’s all about people.

Innovation & creativity at the core
Innovation & creativity at the core

Every project is different, unique and a tabula rasa for our team’s brainstorming! Thinking out-of-the-box is in the core of our activity, coming up with creative ideas that radiate rapidly and reflect innovation on the outcome.

Consistent planning
Consistent planning

Overall design, time planning and organizational chart. The basis of any event or organization management, yet fluid and adjustable. Being consistent is keeping steady while going with the flow. But most importantly: we keep close track of how things evolve!

Efficient communication
Efficient communication

Solo ideas are great but get you halfway. “Communication is the real work of leadership”, the key element for efficiency and a successful outcome. By investing in our communication ethos and modus, we build stronger partnerships and better results.

Feasibility control
Feasibility control

Controlling an idea’s feasibility means making the grounds for it to prosper in full bloom. Planning on a realistic basis and aiming for the outmost is our working approach, while constant monitoring is the key to our projects’ successful organizational and financial outcome.

Small details, big difference
Small details, big difference

There is a thin line between success and failure, and another one between success and a memorable outcome. Being persistently focused on small details, has been proved to be the key factor for our fine-tuned projects.





Qualifications and Experience
Commitment to Quality


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