After a successful bidding process by SYMVOLI Conference & Cultural Management, with contestants from all around the globe, we are proud to announce that the annual conference of the International Association of Substance Abuse Professionals ISSUP2024 will be organized for the first time in Thessaloniki, with more than 1000 participants!

After Bangkok in Thailand (2015), Campinas in Brazil (2016), Cancún in Mexico (2017), Nairobi in Kenya (2018), Vienna in Austria (2019), and Abu Dhabi in UAE (2022), Thessaloniki is the next privileged destination to host ISSUP 2024, in cooperation with the Greek Chapter of the International Society of Substance Abuse Professionals (ISSUP Greece). The aim of the conference, the most prestigious event in the sector, is to serve as a communication network to promote the exchange of information in the fields of substance abuse prevention, drug prevention, drug dependence and treatment, offering professionals opportunities for networking and information on the use of best practices in the field.

With more than 26 national delegations from all over the world, the network of the International Association of Substance Abuse Services Union (ISSUP) aspires to bring together professionals from the field of prevention, treatment, care, and rehabilitation, to inform, connect and empower them in terms of research, practice and policymaking in the field of addiction treatment. Top guest speakers will present the latest developments through talks and workshops, which will provide the opportunity to the participants to delve deeper into the topic at hand. In addition, training programs will be organized and tailored to the certification of professionals and the strengthening of international cooperation.



The aim of ISSUP Greece is to create the corresponding network for professionals at the national level where information, knowledge and best practices worldwide can be shared in Greece, while supporting the exchange of knowledge, continuous education, and development of the further professional skills in the sector.